Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Protection Of The Dragon Is Of The Utmost Importance

First Sarah and then the darker Naughty Twin went over to the side of Mogsie and Twizzles house to a little patch in the shrubbery and started acting very suspicious. You didn't need to be a genius to work out something was going on, furtive glances etc honestly they aren't very subtle.

What could it be, I thought to myself? They've obviously hidden something and then it occurred to me, see you should always listen to your catty powers. What it the one thing that they'd want to protect at all costs?

I ran outside and had a look at where I'd hidden the Little Red Dragon, I meant to the other day after seeing Foxy but got distracted and then forgot to check and yes it was missing. If I can guess what they are up to so easily it means others can. They really do need to be more careful, as annoyed at them both as I am at the moment after all that business yesterday with Spit I must put that aside, the protection of the dragon is of the utmost importance.