Thursday, 2 May 2013

Talk To the Horses Mouth

This is now beginning to annoy me rather than anything else. The darker naughty Twin has just trotted up the side of Mogsie and Twizzle's house and plonked himself down by R's car, nothing unusual in that until I saw him look left, look right and then look behind him and nod his head.

Almost immediately Sarah came flouncing around and off they went together, what is he her bodyguard or something!

Now the trouble with being kept in the dark is your mind starts going and something just clicked in like a penny dropping. Was Sarah getting more friendly towards me to find out what was going on between me and George? If she was I see trouble ahead, I do not like to be made a fool of and if that is the case it's just sneaky of her.

If only one of them would pull it together enough to come and talk to me so I can talk to the horses mouth.