Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Hero Of The Day

I waited until I was sure the coast was clear and ran up to the Peace Garden, the lighter Naughty Twin was there waiting for me by the Swinging Heart of Love.

The was amazing, I said to her

She smiled back, Thank you 

What happened?

Well, she started, I was just having a rest in my garden when I heard this rustling in the bushes and I went to have a look, that darn Fox was hiding in the bushes looking over in the direction of your's so without thinking I just jumped into the bush. I made sure it wasn't right on top of him but behind him and he jumped up and started running so I chased him. I didn't really have time to think it was just something I did on impulse. I don't think he's going to come back but I'm going to sit here a while and make sure he doesn't.

Please don't put yourself in any danger because of me. 

It's OK but he does seem absolutely determined to do something to you so please be on guard.

I will, I said, hang on, and with that I ran back indoors grabbed a paw full of Dreamies and ran back. Here these are for you, you really are the hero of the day.