Friday, 10 May 2013

His Way

Still up here in the office and I got my stroke I made sure of it sitting on daddy until he gave in, stopped work and cuddled me on his lap until I decided I was ready to get off, it was at that point that I spotted Sarah.

I've no idea what she's done but Mogsie and the darker Naughty Twin do not seem happy with her. It's the first time I've seen her since the other day when she came an apologised to me for getting with George behind my back. Up by R's car she walked minding her own business when the darker Naughty Twin came running across the road and up the pathway. When she saw him she picked up pace as if to run over towards him to great him and he just ran right by her.

She looked a bit stunned by this and just stood there, meanwhile over on the other side of R's car she didn't spot Mogsie who, when he saw her appear, turned in her direction, gave her a filthy look and carried on his way. What on earth has she been up to now, it seems she's upsetting a lot of people these days?