Saturday 4 May 2013

You Can't Make Friends With The Night Terror

It was a late night last night, I couldn't sleep after the shock of seeing Foxy Lectar peering in our window. Luckily the darker Naughty Twin came by and I told him what happened and asked him if he would spread the word, he said he would and ran across to the other side of the road right up to Mogsie and Sarah who were waiting for breakfast.

Mogsie looked over this side of the road with a concerned look on his face as if to say are you OK. I nodded back, good Mogsie is on the case. 

I'll have to set up some sort of an alarm system in the gardens that can alert me if there's any trespassers on it at night. I know he can't get in the daddy has such a tight security system but we need to be alerted in case River goes out in the garden at night, she's such a curious thing that if she see's Foxy she'll probably go up to him to make friends and you can't make friends with the Night Terror.