Thursday, 23 May 2013

Two Birds With One Stone

Me and River have been getting on a lot better recently, I even came and had a cuddle with Daddy last night while he had River laying on him. He thinks I didn't see but whenever I turned my back on Daddy he grabbed my tail and said to River quick have a sniff and put it under her nose and she didn't tried to lick or bite it or anything so I guess she's learning so I've decided to reward her.

Daddy loves to move things around in the house, I guess that's because he's always here and he gets a bit bored and on one of his recent move arounds he put the monks chest by the back door and very conveniently put some cushions on the top. I've been eyeing them up for a while they looking comfy and so today I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone, check out how comfy they are - very, and also sit closer to the ground so River can sit by me but also high enough up so that if she makes any sudden movement I can be off. You know what we were so settled I fell asleep and when I woke she hadn't tried to jump up or anything. Well done River I am very pleased with our new arrangement.

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