Tuesday, 28 May 2013

There's Strange Noises In The Attic

There's strange noises in the attic! Disappears heard them this morning when he was having a bath he told Stay when he went in for his and he listened out. He said he would have a look when he came back in and guessed that it was probably a bird that got in somehow, but he couldn't be sure!

So anyway when I heard the attic door being opened and the ladder coming down I was curious. I've never been in the attic, I don't intend to ever go in the attic, I have no desire to visit that dark place, no not one millimetre, but I am curious all the same.

Trips to the attic in the past haven't been without incident, once the ladder was pulled rather forcefully down and broke clean off and there's been more than one trapped finger and trip off the step, getting the Christmas decorations up and down is always a heart stopping affair.

Up he went and on went the light. He always does this really quickly, hand going out directly to the side, a quick flick and the light is on, he doesn't know I know but he's scared of putting his hand in a spiders web so it's short, sharp, shock tactics to get through the ordeal.

Up his head then popped, turning all around, looking up at the roof, he's always checking that sort of thing, drives Disappears nuts and up he stepped. The noises that we'd heard just a couple of minutes before and that reminded him that he needed to go into the attic where no longer booming out.

All of a sudden daddy started his decent, turning to make sure he wasn't about to step on me

No Lil' nothing that I can see up there!

Oh I wasn't expecting that, I wonder what the noises in the attic are then?