Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Oh The Indignity Of It All

River sat in some crap or something and got it all caught up in her hair. I must admit she's a lovely coat, not as lovely as mine of course. I prefer to keep mine nice and short whereas she's a bit of a flower power kinda child free flowing hair everywhere. Us cats spend ages tending to our toilette River well she just shakes about a bit and that's it done, well not today it isn't.

I know the daddies would never hurt her but my protective side came roaring out again when I saw them approach her with a pair of sissors, some wet wipes and a shaver. Oh the indignity of it all I wanted to recoil away but I just called out to her asking if she was OK and watching everything they were doing. I hate to see anyone in that position, I guess that's what sisters do, oh no she's got me at it now!

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