Thursday, 16 May 2013

Fighting Spirit

Emma's got her fighting spirit back!

For such a long time she's been moaping around and staying on her own, I've tried to include her and make sure she's OK but she's just rebuffed my friendly advances. I know it can be so hard when you are feeling down but it's a nasty spiral that some how you have to try to break and it seems that she may have.

I'm up with daddy in the office and could hear River downstairs doing her whinging act. I didn't have a clue why until I saw Button walking slowly across the road and up the pathway opposite. He had a little sniff of the flowers which are looking lovely I might add, this rain and sun choppy changy weather has really helped the gardens around her along, before seeing him saunter up around the side of the house.

Within less than a minute I saw him come running back down with Emma fiercely running behind him and chasing him onto her neighbours pathway. She really did seem to have the bit between her teeth and was having none of whatever he was thinking of dishing out, I was quite impressed, especially when he backed down and ran back home. Is our Emma back? I guess I'll have to wait and see!