Saturday, 11 May 2013

Contemplate, Appreciate And Pick Myself Up

It really does feel as if Summer is on it's way and we're only half way through Spring. The sun is bright and warm again today, River's asleep on Stay's lap, Disappears is catching up on some much needed sleep, Nadia is hiding out in the hallway with her breakfast and I'm in a contemplative mood.
The lighter Naughty Twin has just called by to say that as we've had three Foxy free sighting nights that they are beginning to wind down night watch. It's not going to stop completely, they will continue it on a limited basis but there's no point in everyone being up all night. Fair enough I appreciate everything everyone's been doing for me this week and I didn't like the fact that they were missing out on their sleep.

When she went I remained where I was just enjoying the beauty outside when I spotted George on the other side of the road looking over here. He must have seen that I saw as he came over and parked himself on C's pathway and just stared at me for ages.

This just isn't fair what on earth does he think he's playing all looking at me all longingly? First this happened with Mogsie, now it's happening with George, we get close then they go off with someone else. I pick myself up and carry on and then come sniffing around again. Do they not think that it's hurtful, I do have feelings you know, maybe I'm just too old in the tooth for all this love business, I obviously don't understand the rules, more to the point if there are rules I don't like them, they are rubbish, it shouldn't hurt.