Tuesday 2 July 2013

Just Typical, Turn Your Back For A Second

Just typical, turn your back for a second and what you've been waiting for happens. All afternoon I've been downstairs waiting for the cats of Catworld to come out from the Cat Council meeting but no sign, Daddy comes out of the office I run up to see if I can get a better view from up there and what happens....

... sometime in the 15 seconds from me leaving the downstairs to getting up into the office and they must have all come out as Mogsie is now sitting under the tree sunning himself. He'd better enjoy it while it last I can see rain clouds coming over. With no chance of Daddy opening the window now it;s approaching the end of his working day I can't call over to him to ask what was going on. 

I'll guess I'll just have to give the lucky cat a rub and hope someone comes by later on so I can be filled in.