Wednesday 10 July 2013

A Special Night With Troy Lamore - Part 3

With that up we got. You ready? he asked, Let's go!

I winked and off he ran, jumping clean over the fence into C's garden in one leap. I was right behind him I'd grown into a more powerful cat since the first time we met.

Go on, I said, I can keep up.

So I see he said, so I see and off we went in unison.

I had a feeling that he hadn't be lying and that I was going to go further than I had before. This time I had no hesitation when we got to the road. The roads have always been my boundary but I didn't hesitate.

Being with Troy Lamore game me power, doing things I'd never done before. I didn't know where we were going or what I was doing but I didn't care, when I was with him I never cared, all I knew was that I wanted to follow him and follow him I did.

Down the road we ran, the front gardens once again were our playgrounds. Through bushes we ran, in the distance I could hear River barking, she couldn't have settled yet and tonight it wouldn't be bothering me, I just laughed and ran even faster, this was intoxicating, it always was with Troy.

At the end of the road we stopped to catch our breath. I was a little out of breath so glad for the rest, there I was panting away, Troy just looked around.

I'm just making sure no one's watching us, he said.

Are we going through the tunnel? I asked.

He nodding to his left towards the big dark tunnel. Oh yes but this time Lil' I really am going to take you somewhere you've never been before. Do I have your trust? 

Always, I smiled.

Shall we? he asked.

I nodded.

Close your eyes Lil' and run but you must promise me you won't open them until we are through the other side.

But I won't be able to see where we are going?

Don't you know I'd never let anything hurt you? 

I did but running through a tunnel with my eyes closed would be tricky and Foxy Lectar hung out down here and I had kinda put him in his place today so he may well be on the lookout for me.

At that moment a kind of calm came over me. Come on then.

He raised his paw and touched the back of my neck. Let's go, and with one leap he was off.

The light of the lamp glowed orange at the far end I lined myself up with it, focused my mind, closed my eyes and started to run as fast as I could. The tunnel made a strange sound as we ran through it, stranger than I remembered. I could hear the gentle sound of our feet as we ran and the noise of some bats flapping their wings above, I tried not to think about it and just concentrated on what I thought was ahead ad the direction I should be heading.

We must surely be getting near the end now but I could hear Troy still running and knew that the time to stop was when he stopped.

On we ran for a few more minutes, until I could hear Troy begin to slow down and then stop.

OK? he asked

Yes, I panted.  Can I open my eyes now?

Of course sweet Lil'

I opened my eyes but didn't recognise where I was, this wasn't the same place that we had come to before, it should have been we entered the same tunnel I knew that for a fact but this side was different.

Where are we? 

That's a surprise, he said, but we're not where we are going to yet although it's not too much further now and off he dashed. I followed.

We were running on soft ground, I looked down and the pathway sparkled like diamonds, even though it was night I could see like it was day, I didn't know what was going on and six months ago I would have turned around and run away as fast as I could but now, well now I was different and although very confused I carried forward.

We were running silently, purposefully. Troy certainly knew where we were heading I still had no idea, although I could see that the pathway we were on was coming to an end and beyond the end all I could see were holes.

I began to slow down a little. Where was I, this was a long way from home and I wasn't sure that I could find my way back home again on my own if I had to.

I knew instinctively that he would look out and protect me but this being so far from home I began to think of the daddies and River and Nadia. Here I was in the middle of nowhere, doing goodness only knows what but I still felt safe even though this was very unfamiliar territory.

We're here, pretty girl, Troy nodded in the direction of the holes in the mound.

Where are we? I asked

You'll find out very soon Lil'. Do you trust me?

Yes of course I do.

Come on then.

With that he ran across the grass in front of us and dived straight down one of the holes. I looked down, my feet were following.