Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Special Night With Troy Lamore - Part 2

The Dreamies were exactly where I knew they would be, holding the packet in my teeth I ran back outside. I hadn't been gone for more than a minute but he wasn't where I had left him looking around I then spotted him sitting on the blue bench on the other side of the garden.

You can catch the last of the light from here, he called over patting the seat next to him, indicating that I should sit close by.

Here come sit a while, he said confirming my assumption, before he turned and looked directly at me, a smile in his eyes and on his lips. Oh those lips, I just wanted to kiss them.

I dropped the packet of Dreamies onto the seat and sat just a little closer to him than his pat had been. I could feel the warmth of his body and the slow rise and fall as he took a breath.

Let us eat and you can tell me all about what's been going on, he said.

I felt strong in a gently confident way. It was a feeling that I hadn't recognised in myself quiet like that before. He sat there in silence looking back at me to begin.

He nudged open the packet and pushed a beef Dreamy my way. I put my head down to eat it, keeping my eyes on him. I couldn't stop myself. He bent his head down to the couple that were in front of him.  Thank goodness I was sitting down, my knee's did quiver.

So pretty girl, he broke the silence after he had eaten a couple, tell me what's new with you?

I didn't know what to say, I didn't want to talk to him about George or Spit or Mogsie and the confusing entangled relationships that had and had not been going on. I'm sure my eyes must having given something away as he smiled sweetly back at my awkwardness. I think he understood where I was.

He laughed, Let's make this a little, he paused, easier. Tell me, these three men, they been treating you right, they should you are beautiful after all.

OMG. How on earth did he know that there had been three of them? I must have looked shocked as he looked at me but his expression didn't change, just a small grin in the corner of his mouth and a gentle softening around his eyes. He meant nothing but kindness I knew but it was just too difficult to talk in depth about. Here was a man I loved and I am sure loves me asking me about other men what could I say but he just sat there looking at me expression not changing, he was obviously waiting until I spoke.

Err, Well OK yes I have kind of been spending some time with three cats around here but nothing's really happened and I'm not sure that it's going to. 

His left eye raised up a little. Still got that shyness about you I see Lil' and it's still a very attractive quality, he licked his paw and then mine.

*Blush* I continued, trying not to react to his previous comment

These men would be lucky to spend any time with you pretty girl, I think I may be a little jealous and he smiled again teasingly.

I wasn't flustered although my mind had gone blank, I couldn't speak about them, not when he was here in front of me.

Feeling that wind then Lil', just feeling that wind.

I looked at him and understood I believe I am, I said.

I've heard on the grape vine but you've also had a word or two to say to a couple of our old friends.

This got me and before I realised what I was saying I laughed, Is there nothing that you don't here about?

He laughed back, I like to keep my ear to the ground. It's the whisper of that wind.

So Lil' fancy another adventure? 

Would I fancy another adventure, too right I would. Too right I would.

Then come let us prepare, tonight Lil' I am going to take you on a very special adventure that I know you'll never forget, somewhere very different than we've ever been to before together.