Sunday 21 July 2013


What a late night we've all had yesterday. 
The daddies friend TT came over to see them all yesterday and to meet River. I like TT she's been around all my life although I've not seen her for a while. Daddy says she has to go to other lands to help those people there and seems to lead a fascinating life, they tell me tales of all the exotic places she goes to, Daddy says if she collects all her air miles she could probably go to the moon but I don't think planes go there.

It's the first time TT has ever met River and I could see River getting very excited. She always likes to meet new people, well new people, old people, any people really but she took to her instantly. I popped down for a little bit and gave TT a bit of a rub of her feet just to let her know that I wasn't being rude as I intended to take advantage of the distraction she would bring and keep upstairs it's just that I can't do with all the excited River activity and I thought today would be a good day to catch up with some sleep while I could and now that the weathers a little cooler. 

I did get a surprise though when I turned to go back upstairs, the Golden Buddha had suddenly grown hair. Daddy must have seen the surprise on my face as he laughed and said to me not to be worried it was just Purdey, goodness only knows what he means but Purdey's not there this morning so I'm guessing she came with TT. Oh you know what sometimes it's best just not to ask!

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