Friday 19 July 2013

Nuts, Mad And Barking

On one of the hottest days I can remember what does Daddy decide to do, flipping DIY in the kitchen, OFGS is he mad!

After an hour of frantic activity with me and River just sitting there watching him in amazement he went bright red, dripped sweat in his drink, wobbled, grabbed the wall and then ran upstairs to the bath. I was a bit concerned and followed him but he was OK once he got in there and cooled down. I decided to stay up there with him while he had a bath and noticed the lighter Naughty Twin having a poke about in her garden, blimey love keep out of the sun are you nuts!

Daddy soon got out of the bath and went downstairs, I followed and half way down he called out something to River who was panting at the bottom, turned on a penny and nearly tripped over running back upstairs.

He grabbed the fan from our office, ran downstairs, plugged it in and sat him and River down right in front of it, she loved it, I wanted to get a look in but when I moved close madam jumped up barking at me. Guess I'll just have to crawl under the sofa and get my breeze from there, as soon as River falls asleep that is.

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