Sunday, 28 July 2013

Blowing Freshly Through The House

Ah perfect a Sunday morning, I'm downstairs on my own with Stay Daddy, he left River asleep upstairs with Disappears so I have total free reign. The sun is shining, all the windows are wide open there's a slight breeze is in the air and it's blowing freshly through the entire house.

Daddies is watching some tom-foolery on the TV about a bunch of old ladies living in Miami, I don't get it but he finds it hysterical and Spit is now following the lighter Naughty Twin, even Emma's now noticing. It's like an Agatha Christie plot what's going on with that lot but I'm determined to find out.

That can wait though I'm going to make best use of my River free time and just enjoy sitting on the floor for a while, you don't know how much you miss it until you just can't use it without thinking, then I'm getting strokes by Daddy he'd better be prepared for a long session.