Monday, 22 July 2013

I Kinda Spoke My Mind

Hello Lil', that's what I heard coming from behind me.

I turned around to see Mogsie walking across the grass towards me, it was a bit of a surprise we've not really talked for a couple of weeks since I kinda spoke my mind. He did come across last week but was intercepted by River so I never got the chance to find out what he wanted to say.

Hello, I said back, well what was I supposed to say?

Hello, he said again, yes I got that bit, boy this heat makes me grumpy sometimes.

How are you? Well it's better than hello I suppose.

Good thanks, how are you enjoying the weather. 

OFGS I really must stop listening to Daddy so much he's obsessed by talking about the weather.

Bit hot for me

I know things are a bit awkward between the two of us but this was ridiculous.

So how can I help you? 

Damn that sounded so rude, another mental note stop watching The Millionaire Matchmaker with Daddy that woman is so rude, dating advice tosh she needs manners lessons more like. Oh this was beginning to frustrate me.

Just wanted to say Hi.

OK that was enough for me, I'd told him to step up his game and this was like a painfully slow game of chess. I smiled back and walked off. What is it with people not listening? He wasn't so shy when he was getting on the lighter Naughty Twin in the middle of the street!