Monday 15 July 2013

LUM Again

I think today must be the hottest day ever, none of us really know what to do with ourselves to keep cool.

Daddy tried sitting outside in the shade but joined River in flaking out back indoors when hos face turned purple. I decided to go up to the Peace Garden now that it's a little bit shadier to see if it was any cooler up there under Squirrel tree. No it wasn't but when I was up their I heard that LUM sound again.

I looked around to see if I could get an idea of where it was coming from, I had to look down to discover the source. I jumped down to have a little look around making sure I was very careful not to land on The Wiseman but silence was all I was greeted with, where is this sound coming from, I still haven't a clue but it is definitely coming from somewhere up there!