Thursday 11 July 2013

The Stalemate Position

Stay daddy just disturbed me when he rather noisily popped out to the shop for a mid morning break. Sham cause I was enjoying that sleep but thought I'd go downstairs to see if there was any Dreamies left out for me.

There I was happily minding my own business half way down the stairs when River came bounding around the corner and sat herself right at the bottom looking up at me, Daddy must have woken her up to.

There we sat just staring at each other, an occasional little whimper coming from her as she contemplated attempting to climb towards me, I'm so glad we've got wooden stairs she can't get up those ones her hair makes them slippy.

All of a sudden the front door goes and in Daddy comes, shopping in hand which upon seeing the stalemate position he puts down, picks River up and starts cradling her like a baby, telling me to get a move on.

When he put her back down the poor little thing had no idea and just kept on staring up the stairs looking to see where I had gone. Brilliant, thank you Daddy and thanks for the Dreamies

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