Tuesday, 9 July 2013

He Did It Again!

Stay daddy did it again!

He came out of the office and went down to check on River and have himself a chocolate hobnob or two. I followed him down from my spot on the bed as I've not had my Dreamies session yet this morning and true to form as soon as he saw me I got a stroke and he went over to the packet.

River chased me to my bowl, which thankfully is up high so she can't actually eat from it and I'm guessing Daddy either wanted to distract her from me while I enjoyed them in peace or he was just being fair as he went into her treat box and got out one of her bone biscuits.

He went picked out a few biscuits for himself and started to walk back out of the kitchen, taking a bite of what he thought was the chocolate hobnob only to spit out half a gravy bone dog biscuit on the floor.

Three times he's done that now with our treats he really should pay more attention, I mean it's not like they even look like each other. I did find it funny though.

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