Saturday 6 July 2013

He Leaned Over To Kiss Me

The daddies had their friends the boy and the girl over to play today and it couldn't have been a more beautiful day for it.

I could see River was getting excited eating charcoal so I thought I'd leave them to it and sleep the afternoon away.

I woke up to the girl screaming and the boy and the daddies laughing their heads off. What I gather is Stay daddy managed to drop a heavy air pump on her foot as they were attempting to re-blow up the mattress. The poor cow had to use 2 pints of cold milk to bring down the swelling but the bruise is progressing nicely.

I went to get a close look when River spotted me and chased me up the top. I wasn't ready to go anywhere though and just sat up their looking at her, having a bit of a tease.

All of a sudden Spit turned up. Now we've not had that much to do with each other but there's no problem between us and to be honest it was nice to have some cat company. We both sat there for a while enjoying winding up the Puppy when he said to be did I fancy going for a walk?

Yes OK I thought why not, but I'm no follower so I led the way back over the other side of the sunshine shed. We sat and just had a little chat enjoying the setting sun and then something happened, I really didn't know where it came from but he leaned over and kissed me and I responded!

After a few seconds I realised what I was doing. What was I doing, the guys a player I know that but at that moment I didn't care! Oh dear this was a bit of a mind muck and I ran off with Spit chasing and calling out after me. I wanted to go and talk to The Wiseman but as I got near River cut me off at the pass. 

I'm inside upstairs now feeling... well I don't know what but I'll certainly get up to speak to The Wiseman tomorrow.

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