Wednesday 10 July 2013

A Special Night With Troy Lamore - Part 1

I've done something I have done before, twice, I stayed out all night, with a man, a real man, Troy Lamore!

I'd had fairly quiet evening, sitting in the house of glass in the back garden thinking. I didn't get anything new from The Wiseman but to be honest I wasn't really putting in the effort required to properly communicate I'd been feeling a little tired after all the excitement of the day and even though I didn't mean to I fell fast asleep.

I woke up and the sun was going down, I decided to go outside for a little air and to cool down. It was a lovely evening, the birds were giving their last song of the day and the intensity of the days heat had faded. I was sitting there contemplating going inside for something to eat when something caught the corner of my eye over at the edge of the Peace Garden.

I turned to look thinking maybe Flash or Foxy had come back but as I looked up I saw a glint of blue silver fur a smile immediately spread across my face.

Hey .That familiar velvet voice called out.

What are you doing here? I smiled walking over to my friend going up to him we stood and looked at each other, I rubbed my cheek against his and gazed into his eyes, flip flop went my heart.

Something told me it would be a good time to drop by.

With that he smiled, returned my cheek rub and sat down by Stay Daddies weird alien plant. The last light of the day was fading, it must have been about 11 but the joy of Summer is the light evening and I could see him quiet clearly, hardly believing he was here. As ever he stood there beautiful, his fur shinning with a blue hue that only he has his eyes as hypnotic as ever. I just stood and stared, transfixed.

I could hear the end theme music of that show that the daddies like to watch with all those people arguing in a house, I knew they would be going to bed soon and that we would definitely not be disturbed by River so I relaxed a little, in no hurry to go anywhere.

It's so lovely to see you, how were the Northern Lights? I asked.

Oh Lil' they were joyous you really must go one day there's nothing quiet like it, a very deeply touching experience, make you look at your soul but you know me pretty girl, I'm just a wanderer at heart. The world is big and I want to see it all.

I'd moved closer and was sitting right next to him. It was a conscious decision, this was one man I trusted totally, there was something about him the first time that we met that was confirmed the second time, none of this mucking around like Mogsie, Spit and George had been doing. This guy was solid.

A pleasure to see you Lil', he said before we leaned in and stroked the side of each others faces. I didn't flinch, why would I? I was enjoying this as much as he was although I did feel slightly flushed. He must have been able to tell as as I heard a little chuckle in the back of his throat. He face then broke out into that beautiful smile and he winked at me. This time I winked back.

I liked it, I had gone all tingly.

How's things going at home, he asked

Pretty good, me and River are getting on much better these days, I've really grown fond of her, can you believe it fond of a dog?

Looks like you two have found your rhythm.I nodded. You must be tired have you been travelling all day?

I heard the daddies calling out to me to come to bed. I ignored them but I did look towards the bedroom, the light had gone off.

I wasn't too far away and he flashed that smile at me again.

Where have you just come from then?

I've been down to Cornwall visiting some friends of mine, just hanging out in this nice weather doing a bit of fishing a bit of this a bit of that. He turned and looked at me direct in my eyes. 

How's that wind in your fur gorgeous? I hear you've been facing danger in the face.

It always amazes me how news of my activities gets to Troy but I'd learnt not to ask, he had his ways, he really was a mysterious man.

I smiled at him, You must be hungry, dinner while I tell you all about it?

It would be rude of me to turn down such an inviting invitation from such a beautiful lady. I blushed again.

Hold on then. I smiled and rushed back indoors. I knew exactly what I was doing so glad that he was here. I ran back in a broad smile on my face and a spring in my step knowing exactly where that packet of Dreamies was.