Monday, 22 July 2013

It's Coming From The Easter Island Head

Oh my I couldn't believe it but it's true, I know it is. Daddy and River have gone inside it's just too hot for them which is a bit of a surprise because Daddy is always cold so it's obviously a very humid day. Anyway they are inside so it means that I can venture out. I don't like it being too hot but at this time of the day there's shade under Squirrel Tree and a tiny bit of a breeze and I can spend some time thinking of my friends up in the Peace Garden.
I was up there when I heard LUM again but this time I didn't run, I guess it;s because I've heard it a couple of times before, maybe it was my positioning but I could tell where it was coming from, the Easter Island Head!

He's been with us for years and I've never heard a single sound before, this is confusing. I jumped down and had a little sniff, he was still as he always was but I'm not mistaken the LUM sound definitely came from him.

I would have consulted with The Wiseman but Daddy came out to put some of the garden stuff away, he says it's going to rain tonight and where Daddy goes River follows so I thought it best to do a disappearing act myself,. I shall return though!