Monday, 8 July 2013

The Message Got Through - Challenge One Complete

Well I've got to give it to Sarah and George they are going at getting messages to their destinations in quick smart time.

Spit was the first to make an appearance via Tiny's front lawn. I'm not sure if he was trying to avoid me but he diverted his direction when he saw me watching him from the front window.

I was in a determined mood.

Hi, I said, I just wanted to have a word about our kiss.

He smiled which kinda made things a bit harder than I expected.

The thing is it was a one off.

He started to open his mouth as if to lay on some of his player charm but I was having none of it.

I'm really not interested in taking things further in that direction but if you would like us to hang out occasionally as friends that's good. BUT, and I looked him right in the eye, nothing more, enjoying your chasing but please don't think I am going to change my mind. On this I'm firm.

He looked directly back at me and smiled, OK that would be good, turned and walked off calling over his shoulder, see you soon.

I was a little surprised I was expecting more, more, well just more something, although I'm not too sure what. Now Mogsie!

I had to wait a little longer for him to make an appearance but when I came back in from watching daddy hang some washing out he was enjoying a little of the slightly cooler sun.

Thank goodness it's been a hot day as daddy always has the window open and it's so much quicker than having to go out the back and around the side.

There was no need for us to get too close for the message I was about to give out.

Hi, I called across the road.

Hello, he got up as if to come over.

No need, stay where you are you look comfortable. He did.

The thing is Mogsie I've liked you for a while as I'm sure you know and I'm pretty sure even though you like to put it about a bit that you like me. 

He just stared back.

You asked me out a couple of weeks ago and then have done nothing about it, the lighter Naughty Twin informs me that things are difficult for you which I understand, but you'll need to understand that things are difficult for everyone at one time of another. We've all got some story but you can't allow it to just muck you up and to be honest I don't appreciate being mucked around, so if you want to do anything about it let me know but no more games, I'm not interested in that sort of thing.

Mogsie still was saying nothing just looking at me his expression hidden, I turned and walked confidently down our pathway. Right that's today's challenge completed I thought and was secretly a bit proud of myself.