Monday 16 December 2013

A Lot Of Goings On

I've just had a very important and informative communication from Twizzle

Hi Lil,

Hope that you are well after all these sightings of Chameleon!

I don't know if you saw the cufuffle over our house last evening?

Since Friday our house has been being besieged by this new gang of three cats.   Chameleon, Who, and another one who looks just like Sarah but is bigger than her.   They are all after the Lighter Naughty Twin.  Chameleon tried it on with me on Friday night when I was out with my Dad, but I let him know that I wasn't that kind of girl and chased him away.

Anyway, today the Lighter Naughty Twin has been stalked everywhere she went by one of this new
gang.   Mogsie wasn't very happy about this situation and spent the evening sitting guard on our swing chair in the garden even when it was pouring with rain.  He came in a while ago to get dry and have some food and a bit of sleepy eye.  

I was just sitting on the window sill watching out, as you know I like to do.  George had taken over guard duty at our house while Mogsie was having his break when Chameleon came up our drive.   Well, George went right up to him, looked him straight in the eye and then he threw himself and attacked him and with that Chameleon ran away.   While this was happening the Lighter Naughty Twin, the darker Naughty Twin and Emma were all sitting on my doorstep watching the affray.   George then hid under our car waiting to see who turned up next.   Next thing Who turned up. George rushed out from under our car and chased him down to the kerb and Who ran across to
your house.   Wow, George is such a hero!   My Dad treated him for being such a brave cat.   Where was Mogsie...... fast asleep on my Mum and Dad's bed!

What are we going to do?   Where has this new cat gang appeared from?   Does this mean that we are going to be over-run with kittens?   What a worry!

Luv from Twizzle 

What a lot of going's on there's been!