Sunday 15 December 2013


He's trying to terrorise me today. Things were beginning to settled down, the Daddies getting ready for the evening and Dreamies were on the menu for an afternoon treat. Up I jumped to have a mouthful and there Chameleon was again. I just looked at him, getting increasingly annoyed at his bully boy tactics.

I'm coming to getcha! he mouthed.

What do you want? I mouthed back


Urgh how vile. I'm not even reacting to that and just turned my back to him. Best way to deal with bullies, stand up to them and then ignore them. If he comes anywhere near River though he will not know what's has hit him, threatening a poor innocent little dog like that. As much as sometimes I do wish she would leave me alone the worse thing she'd ever do if make you wet through all her licking.

Still he did creep me out a bit.