Monday 9 December 2013

Not A Second To Spare

Mogsie's out a call to arms, all MUST attend the Cat Council meeting to discuss today's developments.

The lighter Naughty Twin was making her way back from down the road, I think she may have some information she looks in a determined mood.

George was running as fast as he could, with not a second to spare.

Sarah called by on her way over. I told her I couldn't go, it would mean crossing the road and I never cross the road. She said she'd come back with information and true to her word she did.

Mogsie wasn't happy I hadn't gone across, but neither had Bella so I wasn't the only one in hot water. Flash and Chameleon where planning another attack and Foxy was involved, the other night had been a trial run and they were planning to catch us unaware.

I don't like the smell of this, what are we to do?