Wednesday 11 December 2013

Did You Not See? He Asked

I was just having a little look at the bric-a-brac on the table, nah don't fancy those Doritos, when I spotted George out the window on MA's pathway right up at the back of the house, overlooking us.
I went up to the window and asked him what he was doing as it didn't seem to just be a good spot to sit in, which it is in Winter, the sun hits it all day.

Did you not see? He asked

See what? 

Chameleon's been hanging around your's all day today, making himself very known. We all thought you must have known.

Nah it's been too cold for me to go out today, I've only just come downstairs.

Mogsie and I are keeping a very close eye on you we think you may be a target even though you do have a dog living in there with you! I'm going out the front now as Mogsie's got your back covered.

Yes my boys always have my back covered I know that.