Thursday 12 December 2013

She Landed On My Head

I've just had the most awful fright but I guess I did contribute to it. I've been asleep all day upstairs, it's foggy, it's cold and Daddy has been downstairs with River all day. He prefers to have the odd day during the Winter working downstairs, especially when the Christmas Tree has gone up.
Anyway I began to feel a bit peckish so went down to see if dinner was ready but I could see Daddy was still working and so went in front of him to let him know I was hungry. River WAS asleep next to him until I appeared, she has this knack though of waking from the deepest sleepy possible as soon as I'm around.

I wasn't really paying attention to her, I was trying to hard to get Daddy to finish up, my bad I didn't see it coming but I felt it, up she got fell over the edge and she landed on my head. I was a bit stunned for a second or two not really knowing what to do. I think she was shocked to as she just sat there blinking at me. Last time I try and hurry Daddy up when River's around! 

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