Monday 16 December 2013

George To The Rescue

Well after Twizzles very revealing communication earlier I've been watching events with peeled eyes, especially looking out for George to see if I could catch him which about 4 I did. 
he meandered from around the back and started heading this way, about half way across the road he turned and much to my surprise I saw Chameleon had followed him. George just stood in the road staring at him before Chameleon ran off and George continued his journey. 
I wasn't able to get out and Daddy had closed the window so I mouthed down to him asking if he was OK, which he was, and asking if there was anything I could do!
He said he was fine and that I wasn't too worry my pretty little head, he'd take care of everything. George to the rescue! That reminds me I must thank Twizzle for keeping me informed.