Wednesday 11 December 2013

A Right Telling Off

I've just had to give River a right telling off, for her own good you understand.

I was just having a little look at Aloha2 swimming around when I felt a little sniffle behind me, not in itself that uncommon, however as I moved off out of her way I could still feel whiskers on my behind. I turned around and she was only trying to follow me.


Not only would she have fallen off, it;s so slidey up here, but she would have scratched the side board to pieces and Daddy would not have been happy. It was a Wedding present from Grandad to Nanny on their Wedding day and apart form the time Grandad put a vase of water on the top and stained it, it's survived 50 odd years without incident.

I'm not sure she really took it all in as when I had finished explaining why she must never come up there she just looked at me blankly, blinked and crunched on a treat. Oh well I tried! 

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