Wednesday 4 December 2013

Trial Run

Yes it's been definitely confirmed Foxy and the New Cat Crew are planning a take over. This past three days River has keep on barking at the back fence but until yesterday no one knew who at. I thought Craig but I was wrong, it was Flash I saw him skulking in Squirrel Tree yesterday and reported it to the lighter Twizzle when she was on her morning walk.

She went and told Mogsie who called a cat council meeting. We needed to prepare our battle plan and today we had a trial run.
The sign that we are under attack, if it's during the day time is for any of us to lift our leg in the air as if we were having a little yoga stretch. We then all spread out slowly as if we are minding our own business and after making sure we are circling whichever on of them is around then move in together until they are cornered from all sides and stuck inside the ring of cats. It's a tactic us cats down use unless we have to, it's not nice for whoever is stuck within but we need to scare hard and fast and show that we are working as one unit.

George has the specific job of look out night and has been practising his route across the road, pasted our back fence, over to his, then back across over to E's place, across the back where when he gets the signal we are in place in the circle he's to wind up the dogs at the back of M's so that they start barking at that sound the birds, if it's during the day they must sleep at night, will swoop down wings-a-flapping. We aim to scare and confuse with everything happening at once, that should teach them not to mess with us!