Wednesday 25 December 2013

My Christmas Day - Finally A Present Of Intelligence

I'm so glad I elected to remain in my usual bed last night. By all accounts River had Disappears Daddy up half the night, running around the back garden trying to catch her and stop her from barking and waking up the neighbours. I guess she was very excited about Santa Paws coming.

I came down to see Stay walking around all refreshed but Disappears looking knackered poor thing.

River, never one to let a little thing like sleep get in the way managed to wake Daddy up and get him moving again. 

Yep that's it River whisper really loudly in his ear, and lick it, yeah go on, that'll work.

I was quiet pleased she interjected I'm intrigued to know what's in my stocking this year. Disappears arranged it so there's a chance it'll be something that's of actual use.

Of course this getting a present business is never a quick thing when you've got a quick thing snapping at your heals.

First I had to endure her getting all excited over a piece of rope. Still whatever keeps her amused.

 I must admit, she did make me laugh when she dressed herself up as a Christmas present.

As much as that did make me laugh, but there's only so much patience a cat can have.

All her tomfoolery is just causing delay after delay.

Mu turn and finally a present of intelligence.

Yes this is fantastic, best present I've had in years. 

How ingenious a feather! On a ball! On a stick! 

How do they think these things up?

Yes thanks I liked that and all my Dreamies. 100% hit rate this year Daddies, cheers!

The Daddies got River all kitted out and went for a walk in the rain up to see Nanny. I sent her my love but I don't venture out across the road and certainly not in the rain, so I sat in the window and waited to see if anyone came by. 

Not long after they left the rain stopped and  the lighter Naughty Twin was chased across the road by Mogsie. I called out a Happy Christmas and he called one back, looked at me, licked his lips and dashed away. 

It wouldn't be Christmas without a little bit of Mogsie.

I then went to sleep upstairs again and awoke when I heard Daddy calling out to me to come and eat my Christmas lunch.

 Chicken, um I love chicken but there's no rush, I prefer to eat in calm and not the usual chaos that surrounds food time here. Very tasty it was too!

Everyone's settling down to a night in front of the TV. Well almost everyone...

Silly paws has gone and got her stocking stuck on her head. Who needs the TV when there's entertainment like this on Christmas Day evening?

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