Monday 9 December 2013

He Didn't Spot Me

Mogsie said that I should remain in the window and keep a look out and he was going to go and search to see if he could find Chameleon and off he went.

After about 10 minutes, with me still in the window, Chameleon appeared. He didn't spot me so I could observe him and what he was up to. He just sniffed the floor before running off over the road and up the side of E's house.

I waited for Mogsie to appear and called him back over, filling him in on what I'd seen.

He said he was going off to spread the word and it's best if I keep River in this morning, Chameleon's a wild canon and could do anything, That's what I love about Mogsie, always looking out for all of us, even if it's a dog!