Monday, 2 December 2013

The More Interesting Development Of The Day

Strange day it's been so far. I saw Mogsie and George nearly have a fight first thing watched by Twizzle from her spot in the window. Luckily M and R came out and stopped them, oh those boys.

But the more interesting development of the day, a visit from Doublay.
It was about an hour after those boys were being scallywags, Emma was sitting nice and peacefully under the car and up their pathway Doublay walked. He looked a little unsure as to what to do as he walked back down it again before turning and walking back up. He must have spoken to Emma becasue I saw her look over her shoulder and say something behind her and within about 30 seconds out Mogsie came.

Mogsie and Doublay then walked a couple of hours up and chatted behind the bushes for a few minutes before Doublay went up the road and Mogsie came back to his house, standing on the pathway, looking left and then right.

 He stayed there for a couple of minutes before returning to his back garden. I've kept my eyes peeled ever since to see if I can catch him but he's not returned yet. I feel something may be imminent!