Saturday 14 December 2013

Who Is He?

Yep it was a late night but that's not too bad it means we all get to sleep in the next day if it's a weekend. I just came down with Stay Daddy and saw George up by the Swinging Heart of Love still keeping a watchful eye out on me.
I tapped on the window as I didn't really face going out in the frost but he ignored me. I was very surprised it's not really like him, especially not at the moment what with everything going on with Foxy and The New Cat Crew. I tapped again to get his attention but still nothing. He seemed engrossed with something so I follow his eye line and saw George sitting on sunshine shed. What!
It was definitely George on the sunshine shed, I'd know that weepy eye anywhere. I did a bit of a double take, I thought my eye's must be playing up. Then the mysterious stranger who I first thought was George turned towards me. 

Who is he? And what does he want?