Tuesday 24 December 2013

My Christmas Eve

Ah Christmas Even is finally upon us. I like the Christmas season, both the Daddies are home, the house is warm and at least for today River is behaving herself so I decided to sit with her for a while and enjoy just looking at the lights and chilling without any worries of a chase.

As with most thing it's time will come and the rattle of the doorbell meant a visitor had come a-calling. It was the Daddymummy and Daddydaddy, I could see them through the window.

A box enters and a mess often follows!

Yep, less than 10 minutes, a bit slow for River she must still be a bit sleepy.

I went to have a closer look and give my condolences to the Daddydaddy, I knew River had her eye on him and ...

Yes there's she is.

Everyone's gone now and the daddies have settled down. They've even persuaded River that Santa will come quicker is she has a little sleep.

Christmas is I guess a time for the kids.

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