Wednesday 9 April 2014

A Building Anger Growing Inside Of Me

You'll never believed what just happened!
I was looking out the window at the back, still enjoying this mornings sun and waiting for George to turn up, it's my intention to start his boot camp today when I spotted the lighter Naughty Twin sitting on a garage roof looking into one of the gardens.

Nothing unusual in that but then I spotted Doublay behind her on the sunshine shed just looking at her, he looked to me like he was waiting for a chance to pounce. I felt so powerless, I wanted to warn her but as you know apart from George and occasionally the Daddies and River, no one can hear me.
When I saw Doublay begin to get up I couldn't just watch as he came at her from behind and I looked around me, immediately to my left was a glass vase the Daddies had on the window ledge and I just banged into it. Nothing but not to be put off a building anger growing inside of me and I banged into it again. This time it wobbled and slowly tipped onto it's side into the side of the wall but it made enough noise to get the Naughty Twin's attention.
She got up and started heading this way to investigate, still unaware of Doublay who thought better of it now that she had moved and jumped down into one of the gardens over the back.