Monday 7 April 2014

I'm Not Letting Her Out Of My Sight

Oh goodness me, we've just had an emergency!
I was sitting just looking at the rain come down outside from the front window, Daddy was in the kitchen doing dinner and River had popped outside when all of a sudden I heard River going mad barking.

I ran out there as I'm on red alert where she's concerned at the moment to see Doublay staring at River from the back wall, taking no notice of the noise River was making. Bless her but she couldn't scare a bee let alone a cat.

Daddy heard her racket too and before I could even get out there Daddy had opened the back door and was trying to bribe River to come in with one of her gravy bone treats. The lure of the cat was too great even more a gravy bone and she just turned around and looked at him.

I ran up the garden as fast as I could, if Doublay is being this brazen then there's nothing he won't do. By the time I got half way up there up he got and slowly walked away, turning back to give a hideous glare.

 River carried on of course obvious to the danger she'd just been in. Right so it's decided, I'm not letting her out of my sight from now on.

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