Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Trapped In Silence


Thank goodness he turned up just now. Where's he's been all day, well it doesn't matter now he's here.

I was so happy to see him and ran outside when I spotted him out the window.

How are you? I asked

He shrugged his shoulders. I guess I understand it's so hard when you've got hardly anyone to speak to, it can be very lonely, trapped in silence.

I smiled at him, I'm guessing he can see me as well today as he tried the weakest of smiles back.

George, I began, I'm sorry but I've got lots to tell and ask you. Doublay was around hear this morning, did you know.

He shook his head.

I caught him going up the side of the house first thing, I don't know what he was up to. He's rejoined The New Cat Crew hasn't he?

He nodded. 

Do you know what their plan is?

He shook his head.

Do you know what they want?

He nodded and then nodded again up at our front window.

A shudder came across me, I didn't want to say it but I knew.

Are they after River?

He nodded again and then picking up a paw swept it from left to right.

What did he mean?

What do you mean? 

He looked at me a little annoyed. Oh doh at me of course silly question. 

Errr. Are they after everyone?

He nodded but he wasn't finished and swept his arm left to right and back again and then nodded at our front window again and then jabbed in several directions.

I looked at his a bit stumped. 

He pointed again and then pointed at the front window.

What everyone wants to come in?

He shook his head and jabbed a paw straight towards Mogsie and Twizzles and then up at the window.

I shrugged.

He looked frustrated and then jumped up and down and around in a circle. It reminded me of River when she gets all excited. Ding a light bulb moment.

Is everyone looking out for River? 

He pointed at his eye.

A close eye? I asked

He nodded and smiled. R came out with Twizzle and George got up, went to say something and then ran off. Things must be serious if everyone is watching out for our baby. 

Right I'm on double alert now, anyone comes near her I'll have them from this side, the other side and every flipping side.