Tuesday 1 April 2014

You've Got To Get Up Very Early To Catch Me Out!

It's a beautiful day today and I was sitting down with Daddy as he looked at some photo's of Nanny, it would have been her 80th birthday today you know.
It was such a stylish era back then, the ladies were ladies and the men, well if they were anything like Nannies Daddy were real gentlemen, anyway I digress.
There I was when all of a sudden I heard River barking at the window and I ran from where I was with Daddy to have a look. I was hoping it was George by creeping along the front of the house and up around the side I spotted Doublay.

I ran up to the back just in time to catch him going into AM's back garden up the side of the garage.
He's started early this morning but you've got to get up very early to catch me out!