Wednesday 30 April 2014

Not Yet!

As sunny as it is today I just can't stop feeling really down about the For Sale sign that's gone up at George's.

I was kinda doing OK until I saw Sarah and the darker Naughty Twin playing around on C's pathway and it brought it all back to me emotionally what was happening.

I'm still waiting for George to come back to confirm that a cat council meeting has been called. I've been thinking about the agenda as well.

1. How can we stop this sale going through as keep our friends here.
2. Doublay. We need to ensure that he's OK.
3. George and what happened to him in the Lane of Bells and about our planned return.
4. Me. It's time to reveal, I'm back!

I also still want to know from George all about the peril to Catkind and for him to tell me all about what happened with him and Troy Lamore but I'm not sure these are appropriate topics for the cat council meeting, not yet!