Tuesday 22 April 2014

It's Kicking Off Out There, Right Now, Right As I Speak!

It's all kicking off out there, right now, right as I speak!

The Daddies were settled watching something on the TV, River asleep in Stay Daddies arms when her head jumped up and startled me. She raised herself up and a low growl started to come from the bowls of her throat.

I looked in the direction of the back window which was open. I thought I could hear something and so did the Daddies as they turned the TV down and we all were overcome by the sound of babies crying out. No that's not babies that Foxes they make the same sound to disguise what they are up to.

River growled more and Daddy stroked her more to calm her down. I ran up to the back window and could distinctly hear three separate foxes and a load of cats calling out, I could hear Sarah definitely but I don't know who owned the other voices, the New Cat Crew no doubt.

This all set up of the dogs that live up the back and they started barking, it's now just a cacophony of noise out there. Thanks fully they've got the back door locked and have distracted River now the window is closed and the sound is slightly shielded.

Catworld cats must have known something was going to kick off tonight. I'm so glad they are watching out for River. Please stay safe everyone, I'll keep watch over the front.