Saturday 12 April 2014

I Was So Proud

I followed River and Disappears daddy when they got up, thinking everyone was now getting up for the day but Disappears went back upstairs, I'm guessing he was tired still he came in very late last night all and just needed a bit of extra sleep. 
I settled in the front window looking to see if George was about yet when I heard River whinging away at being left down here.

I tried not to take much notice until I heard the little pitter patter of feet on the first step and then the second and then a bunny hop leap onto the next.

Now this was getting interesting she's never made it beyond the third step before so I ran to the bottom to watch what she was going to do next.

Bunny hop, whinge, step, urghhhhh, bunny hop.

My goodness she was now half way up, go on River you can make it.

She just stopped there next to the Buddha on the corner and cried out. I heard the Daddies get up and call to her. All three of us where willing her on and I think the extra boost of them both getting up must have given her the spurt she needed as she bounded up the last few before jumping straight back into bed.

My heart filled with pride, ah our little baby is growing up and yes I agree with the Daddies, I think a can of worms has now been opened!

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