Friday 25 April 2014

Well That Wasn't Easy!

Well that wasn't easy. 
George popped over this afternoon, boy was I glad to see him, I was so full of questions but as you know I can only really get a yes/no answer from him at the moment.

First of all I asked him if everyone was OK? He nodded.

Then I forgot for a moment and asked him to tell me what happened the other night. He looked at me less than impressed.

OK, was there a big battle between Catworld and Foxy Lectar? Another nod

What there anyone else involved? Another nod

The New Cat Crew? He nodded.

I was getting good at this and feeling rather pleased with myself.

What's the deal with Doublay? He scratched in the ground a line and then did a loop over it.

I thought for a moment. He jumped sides? He nodded and shrugged all at the same time and pointed to one side of the line. I wasn't sure what he was talking about.


He pointed again with a little bit more force to one side of the line and smiled and then to the other side and scowled and shook his head.

This was very hard.

He pointed again to the first side smiled, pointed at himself and indicated across the whole of Catworld and back at the ground again.

What, was he always on our side. A great big nod and smile came from George, he then pointed over to where Mogsie was sitting looking at George, it must have looked like he was talking to himself, before drawing a light bulb in the ground. 

What it was Mogsie's idea?

He smiled again.

Oh I can't wait for all the details. Come on George we need to get you to the Lane of Bells sooner rather than later, I've so many questions that only you can answer, Doublay, Troy Lamore, Catkind in peril, the battle, round and round and round my heads spinning.