Tuesday 29 April 2014

George, Sarah, Bella, The Naughty Twins & A Couple Of Dogs

George wasn't in the mood for talking, and went off head bowed shortly after he let me know what was happening. 

I think I must have been a little bit in shock and just sat there deep in thought, only aroused out of it by River barking when the lighter Naughty Twin turned up. It's not just George that this affects but Sarah, Bella and the Naughty Twins all live there, as well as a couple of dogs that River chats to over the fence. Mogsie is going to be devastated when he learns what's happening, OK he's not exactly the best of friends with George but he's incredible close to the lighter Naughty Twin. Thank goodness Emma has moved in with Mogsie and Twizzle or she would be off as well.

I sat there thinking about how weird it is that only yesterday I suggested to George that it was time for us to let the others know what's been going on with him, I now think it's definitely time for Mogsie to be told that I'm still around and we need to get George back to the Lane of Bells quick smart.

Oh this news is a game changer indeed, if I see George again later I'm going to suggest that a cat council meeting is called, a meeting I shall be attending!