Saturday 19 April 2014

Two And Two

I'd been wondering where all the cats where today and then just as the sun started to go down out George came. I'm guessing it was a little too hot for them all out there today, heat's not something I have to worry about any more so I didn't make two and two to begin with.
His training is all ready paying off as he;s looking more toned already.

Just as I was settling down to have a good old catch up with him we got distracted by Sarah and the Naughty Twins running across the road looking in a bit of a panic.

The darker Naughty Twin kept on looking behind him as if they were being followed.

He must have spotted something as he then quickly began to run and Sarah turned to see who was following them.

Before all three began to run off in unison, a little bit scared looking!

I turned to see Mogsie chasing after them. Oh how my heart lept, it;s so nice to see things being a little bit normal for a while, they;d obviously been winding him up or something and he's had enough. Happy times!