Thursday 3 April 2014


I've tried to settle downstairs this morning but simply not been able to so I decided to come upstairs and have a bit of alone time, have a bit of a think.
I'd settled myself on the bedroom window ledge and gazing out over Catworld I suddenly spotted some movement out of the corner of my eye over to my right. Scanning the area I suddenly spotted Doublay hiding on C's garage roof, trying to use an old pipe as camouflage. 

I sat there very quietly watching him trying to work out what he was up to my heart really beginning to pond, I think in anger. How dare he! Who do these cats think they are coming in here and disrupting our peace, if I could I would have gone out there and confronted him. Enough is enough!
After a few minutes looking around he disappeared over the back gardens and I ran to the front office window to see if I could see George and let him know but he wasn't anywhere around only Sarah walking over to M's for some brunch no doubt.