Thursday 24 April 2014

Buried Treasures


I've just seen something very unusual happen out in the back garden. I was just downstairs listening to Daddy working when I caught sight of Sarah and the Naughty Twins out the back. Nothing too unusual in that until I spotted Sarah climb down and into our garden.

Thank goodness River was asleep next to Daddy or there would have been a lot of noise and running around going on, luckily the whole event passed her by.

Then I saw Sarah go over to the Peace Garden and through the Carpet of Purple and after looking around to make sure no one but the Naughty Twins was watching bury something.

I waited until they went away and then went out there to see what it was but of course it's buried and although I know the spot I can't dig any more. Urghh  how frustrating. I need George again.