Tuesday 29 April 2014

For Sale

It's been drizzling raining today so I wasn't expecting to see anyone until it stopped however George turned up and. he didn't look happy.
I thought as first that it must be getting to him at not being able to speak anything other than gobbledygook at the moment but when I asked him if that was why he looked so down he shook his head.

I then asked if he had told Mogsie yet about it and again he shook his head, so that couldn't be it. I could have been here all day guessing, so even though I know he can only answer yes or no at the moment I asked him outright what it was that was getting him so down and he turned and looked behind him.

I looked down the road but didn't see anything and didn't understand and asked him what again. He turned and looked down the road again and nodded in the direction of his home, it was then that I saw it.

A sign had been put up in his garden - FOR SALE